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  1. Yes it is. I can send pics if you want them.
  2. Red Mystery Ranch G7000 expedition pack. Used twice, excellent condition. Retails for 550, sale price 300. Size Medium, adjustable to fit high end of small sizes. I'm 5'9, and the pack fit perfectly. http://www.mysteryranch.com/adventure/expedition-packs/g7000-pack
  3. The main climb will be in August, but we will be training all summer. We plan on running weekly technical classes, conditioning, and going on some training climbs in the cascades. We are looking for experienced volunteers to help us teach in the classroom and on the climbs. Additionally, we are looking for climbers to assist us on the actual climb as guides / support climbers for the veterans. Please contact the Hound Summit Team at info@houndsummitteam.org or reply to this post. Thanks!
  4. By certified I meant experienced. Please feel free to contact the team at info@houndsummitteam.org for more information or to volunteer. Any support you can offer would be appreciated. Thanks!
  5. Our first big climb is in August. Right now, we are trying to find certified climbers / guides that want to assist in training the climbers and or climbing with us in August. Specifically, will run technical and conditioning training sessions from June through August prior to the climb. As for the climb itself, we are looking for certified guides to assist in planning and leading the climb. In addition to this climb, we are planning several other climbs in the Pacific Northwest in September and into next season. Let me know if anyone wants to help. It will be an awesome time.