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  1. Snow conditions on Rainier

    There is an impressive amount of snow expected to fall on Rainier at the end of this week and beginning of next week (63 inches). I'm wondering how realistic my plan is to climb Rainier at the end of next week - classical route. I'm traveling from the east coast for that. Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Silvretta 500 - L - Excellent Condition

    Is this still actual, I may be interested if yes. Can you pls send some pics at leo.bzm@gmail.com
  3. If anybody has a GPS track of Aconcagua Polish Direct route and willing to share please! thanks
  4. Aconcagua - Polish Direct

    Looking for first hand info regarding the Polish Direct route on Aconcagua. How steep, how long, what are the critical passages? I will appreciate an answer here at CascadeClimbers or at leo.bzm@gmail.com. Thanks, Leo
  5. Muir public shelter in early May

    Planning to climb Rainier in early May arriving at camp Muir on Sunday May 8th in a party of 4. Can anybody please inform of the likeliness to get spots in the public shelter that time of the year. Should we cary tents 'just in case'? Thanks