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  1. You know the story...guy meets girl, guy and girl have awesome climbing adventures together, they get married, then boom...girl has baby, and now guy doesn't have a (consistent) climb partner I'm looking for a consistent and safe partner who's into trad/crack climbing and wants to get out most weekends. I can lead up to 11's for sport, but only 9's or low 10's for trad. I've been big into alpine climbing for a while, but I'm trying to up my game, and Index has my eye. P.M. me if you're interested. I live in Tacoma. FYI: Wife and 1 year old may be in tow some weekends. Kid crushes on 2ft tall boulders
  2. I was making the slog up Colchuck glacier Saturday morning (5/16) and noticed a group of climbers near the first steep step on the north buttress couloir. It was around 9:30am and the sun was shining on the route. About an hour or so later, I couldn't see the route anymore, but watched in dread as a large looking avalanche flushed out the couloir. My partner and I froze and watched/listened for signs of life. We were eventually relieved to hear calm sounding voices coming from the route. We moved on to the summit and at some point talked with a climber who just soloed the NBC. I asked him about the avalanche and he said he may have accidentally started it, but watched the climbers below him arrest without getting blown off the route. At the summit of Colchuck, I kept looking down at the face, but never saw the group of climbers come up. I assumed they bailed. I was just wondering if anybody had some info on the incident? Sounds like everyone is ok, but it definitely could have been bad.
  3. FS: Shells, fleece, water filter.

    PM sent regarding the BD Speed 30 pack
  4. Fixed cam @ Index

    Hey, I fixed a cam about mid-way up Godzilla yesterday at Index . It's a purple C4 (0.5) that walked way back in a crack. If you happen to get it out, I suppose it's yours. . . or you could be super awesome and hit me up (PM me). I'd be more than happy to buy a 12-pack of your choice. Thanks!