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  1. Bought these boots for general mountaineering, wore them once and they are a half size too large for my feet. Men's 11.5. Sierra Trading Post sells these for $230, you can have mine in like new condition for $100. Call Jonathan at three six oh 448-8176 or email if interested. Willing to ship or meet in person. Located in the Portland area.
  2. Scenic: Mt. Hood Summit Alpine: Old Chute variation, Mt. Hood
  3. Hi everyone, I am an aspiring mountaineer with a strong interest in alpine climbing but few connections as I'm just starting to get into the sport. Recently I have been training and gearing up to summit Mt Hood hopefully in April or May but I do not have what I would consider to be the necessary experience to go for the summit on my own. I have been studying every resource I can get my hands on and training as much as possible. I recently climbed Mt. St. Helens on the Swift Glacier route - that's currently the extent of my glacier experience. I had a Mt. Hood climb lined up with an experienced climbing friend of mine but those plans fell through as he is deploying to Afghanistan in April for 3 months. Gear and fitness are not an issue. I am 23, in good shape, and with all the necessary gear for a one or two day trip. I am looking for an experienced climber, specifically on Mt. Hood, that would be willing to take me along on a trip in April or May. I am prepared to pay a reasonable guide fee for the right person, or if you would be willing to take me under your wing for free - I would be very grateful. PM or call me (Jonathan) at 360-448-8176 if you are interested in helping a guy out! Thank you!
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