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  1. I am the area director for a non-profit in the Pacific NW (Spokane, Seattle, and Portland) that takes at-risk kids into the wilderness on rafting, climbing, and backpacking/mountaineering trips. This year we took out almost 1800 kids, for a total of 2800 user days! Because these kids don't have much to call their own, we provide all the gear for them to go on the trips, even socks. Most of our gear is donated and most is used or returned gear, but that doesn't matter to us-it is much better than what the kids show up in. We want them to be outfitted well so they can better enjoy the trips that we go on. You can send us anything! It doesn't matter that the tread on the boots isn't brand new, or that the tent needs a patch. It all helps us provide programming for the youth. So if you have gear that you need to get rid of because your wife told you the only way you are getting new gear is to get rid of some of the old, we would love you put it to good use. Feel free to shoot me a message (ethan_peak7_org) if you have questions, or check out our website: www.peak7.org. Thanks!