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  1. Reduced.


    I need to get rid of this stuff before I leave for school and my climbing has been indefinitely put on hold. Rope has only been used at Vantage twice and the draws are brand new. Ill make a deal for anyone who wants to take a bunch or all of it at once. Wouldnt be a bad getup for someone new to sport. Its all pretty much new as it was purchased as backup incase my tagging along lead to shortage in gear.


    Millet Cristal 9.8 + bag 150





    WC Wild Wire 5/6cm 7ea never used



    WC Wild Wire 10/12cm 7ea never used

  2. I have a basically new worksack that im looking to get rid of. Its a great pack but with two little kids at home its just way more than I need since I mostly do short trips these days. I bought it at Second Ascent about a month ago and have used it once on a day trip down off the Carbon River Road. Ill post some pics when tonight when I get home. All extra straps included.




    Looking to get $225(shipping included)





    Pack 1

    Pack 2

    Pack 3

  3. I would not overlook Vantage and it could be reasonable in early July. That said id also consider what everyone else is saying because its worthy advice but being from the south as well, my first times to Vantage were great simply because its unlike anything I had climbed. You could also stay in a yurt at the winery thats nearby if youre looking for somewhere to stay with the family.

  4. I dunno if id ever tell someone who I dont know to just go out and try it even on a volcano because there are some seriously massive fuckups out there who will fuck it up and be dead. Not to mention there is some nasty shit that happens on the volcanoes.


    The volcanoes are great but there are only a few of them. If you only learn to climb those places youre just going to be disappointed because youre selling yourself very short on what the Cascades have to offer. Suck it up and go through some courses and start going to a climbing gym. The more you challenge yourself learning the happier youll be in the long run.


    P.S. My wifes from Webster

  5. I need to replace a large Rab Latok fast. Friends dog jumped on me and tore a huge hole in the sleeve that is not fixable and trying to keep the replacement on the cheap. Would love to find the same or similar(Beta AR) etc...