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  1. Hello there! Looking for a ski rescue sled for sale! Backcountry ski use, lightweight. Anyone who wants to get rid of his Brooks range rescue sled, Alpine Threadworks ski rescue tarp or any other lightweight brand? Thanks :-)
  2. for sale Brooks Range Ultralight Rescue Sled

    Hi there! I assume the Rescue sled is already sold? If not, I'd be interested. Thanks :-)
  3. Good morning, We would be really interested in purchasing 2 MSH tickets for the 15th. We are flying to Seattle from Canada this afternoon, I will leave you my boyfriends (Olivier) cell phone: 1-514-432-0334. You can also reply by email, I will be checking my emails from time to time. Thank you Elisabeth
  4. We are looking for 2 MSH permits valid for a day. Any day September 14th to 17th is fine, otherwise September 25.
  5. Good evening, I was wondering if you are still selling the MSH permits ? We would be looking for two permits for the 15th only. Thank you, Elisabeth