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  1. Attention ice climbers, I'm a writer for a monthly magazine called Louisiana's Health & Fitness, and I'm currently working on a sports feature article about ice climbing. I cover a different outdoor sport each month and generally write an overview of the sport designed to increase awareness for mostly local readers who are unfamiliar with each particular sport. Because the readership is mainly the New Orleans area, I normally like to use local sources, but given the subject this time I'm looking outside the area for experienced and enthusiastic ice climbers to help me learn more about the sport. With that in mind, I'm looking for a few good sources for a very brief phone interview about the subject of ice climbing to help me with the details of my feature. Please let me know if you or someone you know could be of assistance, as I would appreciate any help you could give. My deadline is Sept. 24th, so I'm already a little behind on this. Please reach my via e-mail at tjleggett@hotmail.com. Thanks, Thomas Leggett Louisiana's Health & Fitness www.healthfitnessmag.com