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  1. Second Ascent Independence SALE!

    20% Off All Grivel Products, Millet Ropes, DMM Cams. And more big savings in every department. Come visit us @ 5209 Ballard Ave. NW Seattle WA 98107 www.secondascent.com 206 545 8810
  2. We just marked our Skis and Ski Boots on sale up to 40% off on some Items. Example K2 Coomback was $650 SALE=$449 K2 Hardside was $700 SALE=$550 G3 Tonic was $620 SALE=$430 G3 ZenOxide was $620 SALE=$430 Black Diamond Justice was $700 SALE=$550 Voile Drifter was $625 SALE=$450 *just to name a few As for Boots Garmont Radium was $760 SALE=$490 Garmont Shogun was $600 SALE=$429 Black Diamond Method was $660 SALE=$470 Black Diamond Shiva was $660 SALE=$470 Black Diamond Push was $650 SALE=$460 Garmont Energy was $590 SALE=$400 Garmont Synergy was $520 SALE=$380 *just to name a few We also have a selection of used AT and TELE skis and boots for sale. Come get it!!! Second Ascent 5209 Ballard ave NW Seattle, WA 98107 206-545-8810 www.secondascent.com