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  1. Near mint condition (EACH USED ONCE): Camp corsa Ice axe 70 cm, $70 ($120 new) http://www.rei.com/product/751753 Camp XLC390 aluminum crampons: $100 ($150 new) http://www.backcountrygear.com/catalog/climbdetail.cfm/CMP3100 These are for those into lightweight gear. These are the lightest crampons and ice axe in the world. Alpinist Mountain Standards award winner for lightweight gear. I am in Seattle. email jasproul@gmail.com cell 415 317 7624
  2. Mt Rainier in February?

    I am interested in that Hood climb in Feb also and may be interested in doing Rainier with you asgv after wards. I live in Seattle. Sending pvt msgs to Brandon and asgv, let's get copied up in an email, exchange some info.
  3. Climber seeking housemates!

    Well it says we can post about whatever so here goes! I am new to the area recently from Montana, and looking to rent a room in a house with some other people who live with respect for health and fitness. I am a climber/mountaineer and I know that many people into any form of climbing are usually positive, respect health, and have a fairly healthy lifestyle. Who knows, maybe we could go climbing together here and there also. If anyone has a room or wants to find an open house to rent together, lemme know!