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  1. I thought I would let people know that Clackamas County Commissioner Jim Bernard as put forth an attempt to "finally" make MLU's mandatory on Mt. Hood. If there ever was a time to write to your legislators, it's now. Here's the article. Also a quote from Alpinepronghorn earlier in the thread that is very helpful:
  2. I don't know Pat Dooris who wrote that article, but as Dane says, he was likely working from limited information given to him, tried to make phone calls to the Sheriff's dept, PMRU, the USFS and got dead ends as they are all overwhelmed, which ran into his deadline, and he wrote what he could. It sucks that the evening news can't operate like Frontline or Nova every night, but you guys would be alarmed at just how quickly everything moves in this business, and that when misinformation does get reported, how serious the consequences can be internally.
  3. Well, we made contact with Jim Whittaker and are trying to get him on. If a crew can get to his cabin, he's up for talking. Trying to get in touch with Glenn Kessler as well...
  4. Yes, on legislators. But public opinion has a lot of sway, and a lot of that is fed into, and through the media. Contrary to what people think, the media spends the majority of it's time reporting on issues very quickly, not creating them, and not educating people. Hence, the executive news producer here may read the PMRU statement and say "That makes sense". But if people call up 100:1 saying we should report on how stupid climbing is, and climbers don't speak up for themselves, what do you think they're going to report on? It isn't my position to be the lone voice going into another department telling them they are stupid. I'm another employee to many of them. You may not believe it, but your voice has as much, and probably more sway than mine does to them. Again. Don't like the way the media reports stories - contact them and tell them so. I'm starting to think I made a mistake posting this on here?
  5. No. As I pointed out, I am NOT a journalist. I work in the art department, making animations and such for promotions for the station and network, and every so often commercials for third party clients. I do not work in the newsroom, and only mingle with reporters and producers occasionally. I see the news director maybe once a week in the stairwell or elevator. I'm surprised that one wouldn't be interested in contacting the media (or anyone other than fellow climbers?) about getting their voice heard on such important issues.
  6. Julian, everyone - Write to the station and say so if you don't like these polls, or the reporting. Recommend you leave out the f-word, for obvious reasons. Here is the e-mail for the desk: koindesk@koin.com Here's the phone number: (503) 464-0600 Here is the on-line form. Here's KOIN's Twitter link Here is the Facebook link. Don't just sit around and complain to each other, do something about it and contact the staion(s). The people who want to restrict climbing and vote with the 88% majority in these polls are.
  7. Jake - Suggest you e-mail the station with your thoughts. You're preaching to the choir here.
  8. I should reveal at this point that I actually work for KOIN (I work in the Art Department, I am not a reporter, or news producer). I should also clarify that long before I had this job, I was into climbing. I climbed Hood several times, including in winter, and have probably been on every glacier on the mountain (including the Ladd and Coe). I also climbed in South America, Central Asia, the Canadian Rockies, the St. Elias Range, etc. I dated a woman who worked at PMRU some 10+ years ago now. I just don't climb anymore due to age, and life getting in the way. So please, don't clump me in with the mass media! I'm doing my best here to keep everyone that works here informed, and most everyone does listen to me at least some. I passed on the PMRU and MRA lists on why beacons should not be required, which was posted on the website. I was also able to get the news producer to have the anchors read last night that "most experts say an MLU would not have saved the climbers in 2006". But a great deal of e-mails and calls to the station are from the people you scorn. Those angry about climbers who have a "death wish" and "waste tax payer dollars" on rescues. We can try to steer them to places like the PMRU statement, but we're a TV station, not a university. You guys must understand a few things. I realize it's may seem abrupt to discuss this while people are still missing, but avoiding this aspect while the jackals are howling to restrict, or even ban climbing, is a mistake. Yes, people are ignorant, judgmental, and have knee-jerk reactions to things they know little about, such as mountain climbing, but the solution is to be active, and educate, not ignore them. I would also encourage any and all climbers passionate about his issue to feel free to bombard the news desk at every news station, plus the Oregonian and Tribune and WWeek about this. Go to their websites and start sending e-mails and posting on their sites. KOIN Website
  9. Can you guys help climbers out with an online poll? A local TV station in Portland has a poll asking if people think MLU's should be mandatory. Right now the voting is about 95% yes, to 5% no. Here's the link: KOIN Local 6 Poll is about halfway down on that main page, in the center. Many thanks. There's also likely to be another bill in Oregon congress trying to pass such a law, so be prepared. As an aside, I used to be a member on here when the board first started, but haven't been climbing in years.