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  1. Denali food suggestions

    Hey guys, I'm leaving for Denali in a couple weeks. This is my first long expedition and I'm guessing that I won't want to eat the same thing everyday like I do for shorter trips. I'm looking for suggestions on stuff that is both yummy and easy to eat for lunch and snack stuff. I've got breakfast and dinner sorted out. Any things you guys really like to take along that is easy to eat on the go?
  2. Looking for the 110 liter version. If anybody has one to sell or knows where you can buy one I'd like to know. I can't find anywhere and it seems like the best and lightest expedition duffel out there. But it doesn't look like they make it anymore. Thanks.
  3. I'm climbing Denali in june and having trouble finding boots that fit well. Scarpa don't seem to fit. The LaSportiva may be an option. But I've used Koflach in the past w/ great results. And I'm thinking that if I can find some used Koflach Degree in about size 11 and combine that w/ an Intuition custom liner I may be all set and comfy. Thoughts?
  4. Denali boots?

    Thanks for the offer PDK. Unfortunaely I'm a size 10.
  5. Denali boots?

    Thank you guys. I went and visited Second Ascent. Unfortunately they only had the Scarpa Inverno which doesn't fit my foot. And they didn't have any of the Koflach's in my size and can't get more since they quit making them. I'll be stopping by Feathered Friends to try on the Nuptse and I think REI may have the Spantik. I was hoping that I might get away w/o overboots but I suppose that depends on which boot I actually buy.
  6. Denali boots?

    Hey guys, I'm new to this forum and also kinda new to big mountain climbing. I've done Rainier a couple times now and am planning a trip to Denali in June. I've got wide feet and always have trouble finding boots that fit well. I used Koflach this year on Rainier. The Scarpa Inverno seemed a bit too narrow. Anyway, any suggestions on what brand to look at for a Denali boot? Also, aside from REI, what are some of the good shops around the Seattle/Bellevue area?