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  1. Used this for two seasons. Ledge is immaculate. The fly has never been used only setup in practice. This is so easy to setup and comfy. Also insanely light. The haulsack is made from the same material as a haulbag. Very robust. Located in Tigard
  2. Got a double cliff cabana and standard fly for sale. The ledge was used on two walls the fly has never been used. There are two quarter sized marks in the wall protection nylon. Pictures attached. nylon underneath is not harmed. Best feature rich double portaledge money can buy. Downsizing gear.
  3. [TR] Beacon Rock - Young Warriors 8/25/2013

    AHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH I dont understand why there is always some douche who doesnt know anyone involved that finds they need to make some comment like that somehow showing how much more superior of a climber they are? I didnt see the bolt above me and the low angle stuff was still damp so yes I sewed it up like a bitch because I refuse to get injured on an easy low angle section like a few other people I know. I just hope one day I can be as good as you so I can look at other peoples climbing as inferior and wait I wont do that because im always pysced about people climbing and could care less about how bad of a job they do in one part because they are scared. I just hope one day I can be as good of a climber as you Kenny
  4. Redpoint climbers supply robbery?

    I emailed redpoint.
  5. Redpoint climbers supply robbery?

    It was along time ago Ivan but to my knowledge the thieves were never caught. So someone has a ton of new gear somewhere waiting to unload it? Like say a guy selling 70+ new cams in Gresham or?
  6. Redpoint climbers supply robbery?

    Can someone with red point get in contact with me? Ill go take some pictures of this guys stuff and see of there is any special tags or something?
  7. Saw this and thought about it. This is very suspicious. Nobody owns 70+ brand new cams. http://portland.craigslist.org/mlt/spo/3652809818.html
  8. Wtb Crashpads

    Just finished my home climbing gym and am in desperate need of more pads. The mattresses don't cut it. I'm located in portland but will drive to pick them up. -Todd
  9. Sub zero SL,Dmm 3cu Cams, Hex's

    Jacket is a size large. Cams and hex's are sold.
  10. Sub zero SL,Dmm 3cu Cams, Hex's

    Cams sold
  11. Priced to sell fast. All items located in North Portland. Id rather not ship but if you really want them I can. Mountain Hardwear Sub zero SL Jacket.Tiger color. This jacket has been worn 3 times. I bought two identical jackets one for me and one for my girlfriend at the time. She wore it once and then my friend wore it twice. It has never seen rain and has always been stored in my closet un-stuffed. Includes stuff sack. This jacket really is like new there are no marks or any signs of wear since its total lifespan in the outdoors has been about an hour total. Asking $140 for it in hopes somebody else actually wears it. Black Diamond Hex's I have placed 3 of these into rock. The rest have been scratched through the movement in finding where to store them. They are brand new. The 3 that were placed were not fallen upon. Asking $60 for the whole set. Cams. Older DMM 3cu's Complete set 1-6 They have seen lots of use but only one has ever seen a fall. The Gold cam held a 5 foot slip. This was the first set of cams I owned and they have been placed on most the trad routes at smith under 5.8. I have since upgraded to C3's and these see no use. Complete set $65 PM me
  12. Helmets ?

    Everytime I lead trad. Everytime I lead sport above 5.8 Only when I belay from a position below the climber with a risk of rockfall.