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  1. high valley, OR

    not real sure where to put this, so , sorry if it's in the wrong spot. but anyways. it's been about 10 years since i've done any climbing at all my buddy and i shot a little video, and took some pics. i was taking it easy on this one cause it's been awhile. but i hope you enjoy. i would appreciate some constructive criticism also. i'm going up again saturday. it's a 5 minute drive to there for me.
  2. high valley, OR

    LOL!!! damn after 10years you would think i would have done a little better. but its all good. this is the kind of stuff that i need to know & work on. thank you,,,,, everyone! i was hoping for some criticism!! it lets me know what i need to work on.
  3. high valley, OR

    LMFAO! i look like a damn retard, but i'm glad it made your day
  4. high valley, OR

    thats something i've been asking myself even before you posted.pretty dumb climbing w/a side arm, WTF was i thinking. that won't happen again. i must be one of the lucky one,s i ran into three couger in the past five years up Catherine creek. yea, benchwarmers i still there, but the trop has been long gone. i don't know if you knew that or not. well heck if anything i was glad i could make you laugh . but seriously thankx for not hacking on me to bad. i'll take your advice.... more climbing take care shapp oh yea and to add one more thing, i'm not sure how long its been since you've been over here, but their is no more hunting w/dogs for cats. so the cats have multiplied dramatically. their is three that i know of that live right in union. i know a few people up high valley, they say they are everywhere. IDK. i haven't seen any there, but you never know.
  5. high valley, OR

    thanx for the tip, i will look it up. i'm all about the "good" beer. so i assume you lived in cove? but i just figured this would be some good rocks to start with after about 10 years. i wanted to get a feel for it again. but i hear where your coming from.
  6. the wallowa mtns.

    hey guys, i'm new to the forum. and fairly new to the sport although in the past i have done some climbing, and getting back into it. but my ? is. i've been searching the forum and i'm seeing a lot of stuff on matterhorn peak in the eagle caps, but nothing on Sacajawea peak. i was curious if anyone had any info. our plan is to start at the trail head at wallowa lake, hike to ice lake from there. which is where camp will be, and then hike up to Matterhorn peak, and cross a ridge over to Sacajawea. here is a pic of the ridge standing on Sacajawea looking at Matterhorn. http://s683.photobucket.com/albums/vv195/fergi692000/?action=view&current=506336.jpg any info on this ridge at all would be helpful. maybe just conditions. or would i just need to take a scouting trip up there?
  7. the wallowa mtns.

    gotta look over the edge crimper, . that sounds like a good loop though thanx. i'll be sure to check it out.
  8. the wallowa mtns.

    thanx guys, this is the info i've been looking for. dino: saweet web site, and great pics. i'm going to take some time to look at more of your site. PUP: nice pics, i'm glad you and your wife had a good time. i feel pretty fortunate to have these mtns. pretty much in my back yard. i thought about going up the hurricane creek side but, we are going to fish also, razz lake is right there. it's one of our golden trout destinations. been to swamp lake many times fishing. very cool. i like the story of the two skinny dippers LOL, why can't i see stuff like that.
  9. the wallowa mtns.

    let me add that ANY info would be helpfull
  10. i love the elkhorns, it's been about 7 years, i used to do some moderate climbing (nothing spectacular though), and snowboarding up there, but it sure was fun.i spend more time in the wallowa mtns. awesome pics BTW. a buddy and i hiked gunsight during the winter, and snowboarded down, it was enough to make our buttholes pucker, never tried it again. we were lucky. but back on subject, some very fun climbing up there if your starting out IMO. it's about a 40 minute drive for me during the summer months. very cool guys i,m glad you had fun.