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  1. Just looking for some beta on the conditions, other than "snowy"? I've done it in January before in the snow w/ ice axe and crampons, but wondering if the snow traverse over to the lookout is melted out at all?
  2. Brand new, never used... I can't return it I the store that I bought it from. My loss is your gain! Asking $200. 53cm size. My email is stacyczebotar@yahoo.com
  3. I am selling a pair of La Sportiva Spantik boots. These have literally been worn once - on a hike up to Camp Muir. Thought I needed them for another trip, turns out I was able to use a different pair of boots. These are like new, minus the box and brand new tags. Let me know if you have any questions - easiest way to reach me is via e-mail: stacyczebotar@yahoo.com Asking price: $475
  4. I'm doing a traverse of the Patagonian Ice Cap in December and trying to decide which boots to purchase. I currently have the La Sportiva Trango, which I use for mountaineering here in the PNW. I am considering : La Sportiva Baruntse La Sportiva Spantik Koflach Arctis Expe Scarpa Phantom Guide Scarpa Phantom 6000 Any experience with any of these boots? As information, I am a female with a size 8 women's shoe. I usually wear a 40 in La Sportiva. I have medium-wide feet (definitely not narrow, but not really wide). Thanks - any experience/opinions would be appreciated!
  5. Great trip report! I was one of the two climbers that was heading for the summit when you and your friends arrived at camp. I love the photo of you guys setting up in the dark, because I can actually see my headlamp on the slope behind camp - nice! We were wondering how your climb went ... sounds like quite the adventure, and we're glad to hear you are all safe and sound!
  6. No problem - I understand. Sometimes it is easy to misinterpret tone/sarcasm via the internet. Thanks for the bump!! Hope I clarified why I was asking the question to begin with. Stacy
  7. Thanks for the supportive message Brian ... !! And Dane, Yikes, I had no idea that my post would cause a mild commotion. Shockingly, I am not planning to do Liberty Ridge in bad weather, nor am I planning to use GPS waypoints as an intellectual exercise. Instead, I have a friend who is hoping to climb Liberty Ridge in a few weeks ... he has limited computer access right now, and so I told him that I would check some local resources to see if anybody had them available. He just got a new GPS unit and wanted to program them into his GPS. I climbed Rainier last year via the Emmons - I've never done Liberty Ridge ... I was just trying to do a favor for a friend. In addtion - I also agree that having GPS waypoints isn't a bad idea - they don't weigh anything as Brian pointed out ... and they could come in espescially helpful in an unexpected white-out, or even in the case when a climb takes longer than expected and the climbers are not able to complete the ascent/descent before the weather deteriorates. I could write a novel about "what ifs" where GPS waypoints might be useful. I hope this isn't the wrong forum to ask for assistance from fellow climbers? I've gotten nothing but helpful climbing advice from some other PNW climbing/hiking sites. Stacy
  8. Hi, I am wondering if anybody has GPS waypoints for the Liberty Ridge route on Rainier? Thanks, Stacy
  9. A bit late on this post ... but congrats on the nice climb. My cousin and I met you on your way down (we were on our way to camp) from the climb. Saw the "wrong" way that you guys climbed to the summit - thanks for the good beta ... we figured out the "real" way to the summit and enjoyed the nice scramble. We had a great lunch sitting on top of the Brothers - what a fun climb, and how great that you were able to experience it with your son. I hope he keeps climbing! -Stacy
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