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  1. Is Mount Stuart Technicle?

    Sorry, this body's too old for workin.
  2. Is Mount Stuart Technicle?

    Wait, do we want him to be this obsessed about girls that are way out of his league? Won't that result in a handful of restraining orders?
  3. Anyone Want to Climb Rainier next Weekend?

    Please do TV is slow tonight. There's the central problem, you are not listening to what people are telling you. You think that if nobody knew about what happened, everything would be cool. The true issue is that you will endanger the people around you by placing them into situations where they rely on you for safety, but you are unable to provide it! You didn't get that at SP and we ran you out, you didn't get that at NW and they ran you out. Third time is a charm.
  4. Is Mount Stuart Technicle?

    History repeats itself. This is the same cycle that summitpost and nwhikers went through. 1+ monster threads where the user base divided into groups of Josh coddlers, Josh spankers, and ambivalent spectators cruising by the car wreck. The Josh coddlers will see the truth, and throw themselves in with the spankers. Or throw up their hands and join the spectators. Dozens of people have personally invested huge amounts of time and effort into Josh, and the last Rainier trip report (or duct tape feet, wtf!) shows that it's largely been for naught. Have fun with this guy, cc.com. I really hope you pull it off. Maybe the rough touch is what he needs.
  5. Anyone Want to Climb Rainier next Weekend?

    I'm assuming that since jmo only called off the trip *after* reading Josh's trip report on NWHikers, it is safe to assume that Josh was not honest with jmo regarding his (Josh's) level of experience, nor did Josh describe his recent attempts. That's totally f*cking weak.