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  1. July 4 Week North Cascades and Beyond?

    Sent you a PM
  2. RoJay, not sure what your availability is like, or your transportation situation, but we're going to be in the Canadian Rockies (about 11 hr drive from Seattle)in a couple of weeks, flying in on Sat July 24th. Plan on climbing Mt Forbes that Sun - Tue/Wed. Remote peak, about a 1 day hike in from the road. Classic big glacier climb ending in a moderate snow/ice face (no technical rock). We're two right now and would like a third if you're interested. Dave dvarga10@hotmail.com
  3. I'll be in the area next week and plan on spending 2-3 days at each. If anyone is interested in joining me for one or both, send me a PM, no later than Saturday, as I'll be flying out early Sunday morning.
  4. Trip Ideas

    Thank you all. Lot of good suggestions for me to think about. I really appreciate it.
  5. Trip Ideas

    I'll be in the Cascades for a week starting August 30, and as of now, without any partners. I'm looking for some ideas on where to go as this is my first trip to the Cascades. And as a solo trip, would like to limit myself to 3rd-4th class scrambling, moderate snow slopes of 30-40 degrees, moderate exposure and no glacier travel. Would like to spend 5-6 days in either one or two locations. Any ideas would be appreciated.