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  1. Gear Checklist for Rainier or Similar Mountain

    Sounds like Pete's list is all I need!
  2. Hey everyone. We are planning a trip to climb Rainier again and are looking for someone to come along that has more experience on the mountain. I have checked into all 3 guide services and they are booked up for some time. Anyone have other ideas, we are willing to compensate someone for their time and we have all our own gear and know a good bit about mountaineering but would prefer to not climb without someone(s) with experience. Any thoughts or suggestions on how to track someone down would be appreciated.
  3. Gear Checklist for Rainier or Similar Mountain

    Actually we have some experience but are looking for someone to come along that has more experience. The guide services are booked up, anyone have other ideas of how to find / compensate someone to head up with us?
  4. Rainier Climb in August: 3 season tent enough

    After reading a bunch of reviews, went with the Sierra Designs Convert 2. Looking forward to it!
  5. Rainier Climb in August: 3 season tent enough

    so do you guys think I should purchase a true "mountaineering tent"? to be safe?
  6. We are climbing Rainier in August Via Muir and I am wondering if my 3 season tent is going to be good enough for the climb. I want to be prepared but don't want to buy more gear if it is not necessary. I have a Big Agnes Emerald Mountain SL3. Thanks for the advice.
  7. Hey all, bit of a newbie here, looking for a gear checklist to climb Rainier, I searched through the discussion boards and didn't come across one, wondering if anyone knows of a good one? Thanks
  8. Rainier: Aug 18-20

    Looking for climbing partner(s) for Rainier August 18-20 via a Muir route. 2 of us are coming in town from NC and have climbed to Muir but did not have time to attempt the summit. This is our return trip to hopefully "finish off this mountain." Looking for partner(s) that are interested in coming along. Thanks
  9. I will be in Seattle in August with my lady friend and we are planning to finish climbing Mt Rainier (last year we went up and spent the night at Muir but didn't go to the summit). However, we are from NC and have little experience in the snow or on a glacier and would like to find someone to help take us up. We are planning a 3 day period on the mountain. If you are interested or know someone who would like to come along as a hired guide or just for the fun of it I would appreciate any leads. I don't really know where to start in finding someone. Thanks for the help. Wade Miller - wade9miller@yahoo.com