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  1. I have been accumulating trad gear piece by piece over this winter and want to get out and practice placing gear and hanging belays and anchors (all right off the ground) and was wondering if Exit 32 or 38 would be worthwhile to go to this sunday to practice. (will it be too wet or mossy/slimy?). I'd prefer to keep my drive as short as possible so thats why i was thinking exit 32. I've never been there but am fairly familiar with some of the areas there...any recommendations on what wall or route to practice on (a few feet off the ground) if its even worth going to in the first place. Thanks or would index be better/worthwhile...a bit further but not too much
  2. I am taking a class and i need oval carabiners....i currently have only a couple to rack some of my stoppers and hexes and climbing shoes....but am looking for 2-6 oval carabiners...preferably not wire gate (what this class wants). Dont mind how beat up they look...just need to function properly. If anyone wants to get rid of their older heavier biners, send (PM) me an offer and i'll probably accept. Looking to not pay too much since im really not going to use them all that much on climbs, just for this class. Thanks im in downtown seattle by the way
  3. Backcountry overnight tours (mellow ones)

    Haven’t done much backcountry in Washington…can anyone recommend a few specific places or lakes (mellow tours) that I can take the girlfriend (who skis but is new to backcountry) for an overnight camping trip (1 or 2 nighter)…ski in saturday and do a few laps around camp and then ski out Sunday. Really also looking for somewhere that is low avy danger generally so there's less to think about and more opportunity to go given a range of conditions...thanks
  4. Something nice 'bout the Mountaineers.

    its basically a 25 feet hight by 20 feet wide with a couple foot holds on a big white Styrofoam looking material on the wall...theres no routes or anything setup...i think of it as just a chance for people to get their feet 'wet' and get comfortable with ice tools and crampons on their feet.
  5. Alternatives in the Bostin Basin Area

  6. Heading up to bostin basin next weekend, quien sabe glacier to do a few peaks, wanting to have a backup plan if we're not able to get permits...any suggestions of whats close by thats worth while to head up. We are looking at doing sahale peak or the west ridge of eldorado, so something comparable to that...thanks!
  7. Anyone need a belayer tomorrow?

    Wanting to start leading trad climbs...but have only gone on a handful of trad climbs seconding...so not 100% sure on my gear placements...looking to get more experience following someone up...let me know if anyone wants to head out tomorrow...i can drive and im in the seattle area...comfortable leading sport 5.9s and have only climbed 5.10s on TR and a couple 5.7/5.8 trad routes following. thanks, pm if interested.