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  1. Round the World Trip Advice

    Thanks for the advice. We're definately bringing too much already with the very different climates we will see. I think we will focus on sport climbs as being the priority in most stops with the exception of Nepal. There we will look into renting boots and cramps for some easy-moderate hiking/climbing. Then we don't have to lug them around the whole time! We'll take a look at Island. I think that is a good suggestion. Thanks.
  2. Round the World Trip Advice

    Thanks for the info. We've been thinking about flights on the fly vs a Round the World ticket. It seems for the most flexibility and about the same price, buying them on the fly will be cheapest. We might confirm the flight home from Athens now though? I dunno. With all the gear (hot and cold weather, rope and draws, clothes, etc) I think we won't pack a tent or sleeping bag. I would assume a bag is easy to pick up for cheap in Nepal before a trek? Does anyone have any trek recommendations? I would love to do a smaller/easier climb that doesn't require too many logistics if anyone knows of any? Thanks.
  3. My girlfriend and I are planning a 3-4 month trip travelling across the globe. We are looking at sport climbing in Thailand, Turkey, and Greece and trekking in Nepal. We are looking for suggestions for other places, as well as info about these listed. Has anyone made a similar trip or climbed in these areas? What is not to be missed?