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  1. Thank you Godkid5, this is a very helpful insight. I will keep checking back here and start posting on Criagslist. Our Hiking Group at Mountain View Church of the Nazarene are going snowshoeing and cross country skiing next Saturday. You can join us if you like but I don't think it will be anything too strenuous. Bob Brett
  2. Thanks again Rocky Joe, It is great to hear that you had a good climb of Mt St Helens. What is your concern regarding climbing it is the summer... the increased risk of avalanches? I sure appreciate your "on the ground" tips. I'm going to place a call into the Lone Fir Resort in Cougar to confirm that I can purchase a climbing permit on August 14th, the day before we plan to climb the mountain. My concern is that on mshinstitute.org it states one must purchase through them and that they are all sold out I understand that at this time of year no fee is charged for permits. Climbing use is unrestricted. On-line registration is not required yet one must register and pick up their permit at the Lone Fir Resort in Cougar, WA. In the summer, a permit fee is charged. Climbing use is restricted to 100 permit holders per day. Advance purchase on-line registration is required. Climbers must still pick up their permits at the Lone Fir Resort and must have an emailed confirmation with them. http://www.mshinstitute.org/climb-the-volcano/climbing-seasons.html Respectfully yours, Bob Brett, 360-570-2001
  3. Thanks Rocky Joe, I'd like to follow up with you regarding climbing Mt St Helens, soon but I am about to fall asleep on my keyboard. Bob Brett
  4. I am requesting to purchase 1 Mt St Helens permit for 8-15-09. I am a Christian with the Hiking Group at the Mountain View Church of the Nazarene in Tumwater. I am hoping to join Paul Hulzebos, Tony Porter and some others on their climb on August 15, 2009. I sure appreciate your consideration of my request. Bob Brett, 360-570-2001 Tumwater, WA sickie