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  1. If a new climbing gym was constructed in Southwest Portland/Beaverton that included: Large climbing area with lead climbing and bouldering (with several natural crack features), a full training/Gym area including cardio equipment weights and rock climbing training (campus boards, rock rings, pull-up boards, etc.), and a full studio for yoga, pilates, and any other classes of public interest. The gym would cater to all levels of climbers as well as families, and people who were just interested in a gym and classes without the 24 hour fitness/ LA fitness feel. Let me know if you would?? - Get a full membership if cost was ~$65 a month. Access to everything including all classes. - Get just a gym membership if cost was ~$45 a month. Access to everything but climbing (includes classes). - Buy an occasional day pass ~$15. - Stop by and check it out. Let me know. Thanks!