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  1. leora's info on Hood is accurate. Dorr Fumaroles are at base of the Cockscomb on Baker - seldom visited.. The most direct route to the Sherman Crater on Baker is via the Squak glacier (fewer other climbers en route, as well). there are lots of fumaroles around the rim of both craters on Rainier, but active sulphurous venting locations seem to change from year-to-year. I've noted them with regularity on the northeast-to-east segment of the "new" crater rim, downslope from Columbia Crest, and on the west rim of the "old" crater. I've not explored down to the Grotto yet. That would be fascinating. also felt rocks too hot to touch with a bare hand along the spine of Disappointment Cleaver, with brief scent of sulphur when the wind wasn't howling it away. smelled sulphur on summit of Adams when the wind was blowing from the east toward the cabin, but did not investigate the source. also have photos of fresh-cooked sulfur in the saddle at the head of the Adams Glacier (you'd need to go in August of a low-snow year to see those deposits).
  2. you should keep in mind the last week of August is more often than not unsettled weather here in the PNW, with snow levels sometimes dropping below 5500 ft. for a few days of cold front moving through. The weather in early Sept. is fantastic (though not this year!) and mid-July to mid-August are usually stellar. But that last week of August can be dicey
  3. need old rope

    ph great! cores fine - where you at? email me at trimbt@yahoo.com
  4. need old rope

    Yep you heard correct - have you got old/retired 9.8 or 10mm dry rope? Dire need. We can agree on price but I will need to inspect via emailed photo first (it's not for climbing/load bearing so no worries about your liability)
  5. David, i have been looking for an "ongoing" climbing partner for some time. I have a moderately flexible work schedule (allows me to get away for 3-4 days on occasion) and know my way around both Cascades & Olympics intimately. send me an email (trimbt@yahoo.com) or phone (425) 333-4544 Brent
  6. Red Rocks , J-Tree

    chm - how long will you be down? and how to reach you? (email address, phone)