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  1. Mount Hood Conditions

    Thanks Chris. I knew it wasn't the smartest thing to do, especially when big chucks of ice came whizzing past me, but I guess I just wanted to reach the summit really bad. I will never climb again without a helmet and will definitely head out earlier. Thanks for sharing the great pics MS!
  2. Mount Hood Conditions

    I'm not sure if anyone I talked to yesterday is on this site. My name is Keith; I was the guy in camo eating a burrito. Yesterday was a good learning experience for me, I got hit in the arm and hand by flying ice. Next time I will be better equipped and get an earlier start, lol. This was my first time climbing Hood and climbing in the snow/ice for that matter.
  3. Mount Hood Conditions

    Some pics I snapped yesterday.
  4. Mount Hood Conditions

    I did, it was a beautiful day.