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  1. 10 days in the Northwest

    I appreciate all the advice. I am going to research Mt. Adams and St. Helens and consider Mt. Shasta, although, I heard Shasta's non-technical routes are in poor condition. (http://www.shastaavalanche.org/reports.htm) "Do not solo Rainier. You will die." No death wish here, good advice
  2. 10 days in the Northwest

    I will be flying into Seattle on Sept 3 and renting a car. I am from Virginia and regularly backpack the Appalachian Mountains, however, this will be my first trip to the Cascades. I plan on camping every night and have all the camping gear, but have no helmet, axe, crampons, etc. I have no set itinerary, and plan on making it to Yellowstone and Glacier N.P. after I climb a mountain or two. I have studied and practiced the alpine methods of roping and rescue from the book "Mountaineering - Freedom in the Hills, 7th edition", and feel comfortable with the information. I would like some local information: What mountains would you recommend that I climb solo? Mt. Adams, Rainier, Hood, St.Helens, Shasta? Recommend a fair priced, large inventory, outdoor/climbing shop in the Seattle area? What things should I not miss while in the Northwest? Space Needle? Fish Market? Your thoughts.