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  1. Mount Spickard Access

    Has anyone been up the Depot Creek drainage to climb Spickard or Redoubt recently? Planning a 3 day backpacking/climbing Spickard trip around July 17th. With all the late snow this season we were wondering how things are looking up there. I am taking the wife along and planned on staying an addtional day at Silver Lake. Any thoughts on whether or not it will be melted out by then?
  2. 50% off Rab down Sale

    FYI if anyone is looking for a good deal on some great down. Also on sale is the Rab Alpine Latok jacket, OR and Smartwool work gloves. I dont know if this is the right place to post, move or remove it if this type of info is not wanted. (I am not associated with the company, just thought it was a great deal, hard to find down on sale.) www.wearbap.com Matt
  3. Chilliwack Lake Road Blocked

    Agreed, Just got the same info from the ministry of forest.
  4. Mount Spickard via Depot Creek?

    Email from Chilliwack Provincial Park was of no help. They refered me to the Ministry of Forrest, BC. I emailed them, will post with any updates.
  5. Mount Spickard via Depot Creek?

    Thanks for the info. I sent out an email to Chilliwack Provincial Park for a road update, I will post here if I get any response out of them. Hopefully they will get it fixed soon, otherwise I will have to rip off my boss's car and plow through the boulder, then ditch it in Chilliwack Lake...Sounds like a lot of work, but who really wants to walk an extra 10k.
  6. Mount Spickard via Depot Creek?

    Ivan Thanks for the info, looking forward to the report. FYI: http://cascadeclimbers.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topics/877927/Chilliwack_Lake_Road_Blocked#Post877927 Hopefully they will fix the road before your trip. Do you have any tips for staying on the trail during the bushwack from the Canadian border to Depot Falls? Straightforward enough if you pay close attention or an all out shitfest that is really difficult to follow?
  7. Chilliwack Lake Road Blocked

    Shit... Have a trip planned in August. If anyone gets new info, please update. Sorry your trip got hosed.
  8. Mount Spickard via Depot Creek?

    Anyone been out that way lately or plan on going? Headed up in August, just wondering about the road conditions and any trail beta. Also, most reports say you can cross back into the US without problems and to tell the folks at the border crossing you are going to climb Slesse or something in Canada. Thinking of skipping the NCNP permit since you have to pick it up in Marblemount, which is out of the way and I am on a short time table. Anyone seen rangers enforcing the permits in the area? Any thoughts are appreciated. Matt
  9. Eastern Olympics in Mid July

    Thanks, OlympicMtnBoy. I think I PM'd you on summitpost regarding this trip. Really want to get into the Lacrosse Basin, just doubt it will be melted out. Plan on taking Ice ax and crampons, Thoughts?
  10. Eastern Olympics in Mid July

    Hey everyone, The wife and I have a week off in mid July and were thinking about coming up from Portland for a 5-6 day hike/scramble. We are thinking about a few areas, namely the lake lacrosse basin, royal basin, or going in from obstruction point. With the rather epic snow year, we are a bit concerned about access. Called the WIC, no news there. If anyone has been into the eastern Olypmics or is planning on being out and about in the next few weeks, I would really appreciate any trail beta you could share. Thanks in advance. Matt