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  1. year round rope options

    The route isn't really climbing as much as it is a steep hike. The rope is just for something to hold on to for balance and to keep from slipping more than it is a full weight bearing device. If you have good balance you can walk up this without an issue, the rope is meant for the people who aren't so nimble. It won't take any big falls and there will probably never be more than four people on it in a day. The biggest factor is just how well it will hold up to the hot summer sun and the rain, cold and snowfall in the winter. I will talk to the Mountain High people though, thanks for the info and if anyone else has any ideas, please keep them coming.
  2. year round rope options

    I'm trying to find a good static line that can be left up year round in the ellensburg area. There is no vertical ascent or descent, I'm just trying to make a fairly steep scramble over loose rock more accessible to family members. I'm hoping to find something that will hold up to the weather, as it will be completely exposed, and be thick enough to use without any additional gear, at least 11mm I think. Of course keeping the cost down would be nice as well. I appreciate any input