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  1. I'm heading from Vancouver, BC out to Leavenworth, WA with a group of kayakers to hit the Wenatchee and other local rivers from Friday to Monday. The other kayakers may hit up some rivers that are beyond my abilities, so I'm bringing my personal climbing gear (no rope) in case somebody or a group would be able to join me for some climbing in the area (Leavenworth, Index, is Vantage close enough maybe also?). I can get a ride into Leavenworth but you'd have gear, wheels and local knowledge to get us out from there. Mostly into crack climbing, can lead trad to 5.10, sport probably a bit harder. If this actually works out I will happily buy lunch and take you out for a beer after! I won't be able to get online after I post this, so the best way to contact would be by text or voicemail. Maybe text "climbing" or something, with your name and number and I'll call you from a payphone. Number to text is 778.839.7445. Or leave a voicemail at 778.836.9683. Those are Canadian numbers, by the way. A bit about me - I'm 25, came out west after university and have been totally into the climbing, backcountry skiing and whitewater kayaking since I arrived. I'm fun and friendly, and an attentive and reliable belayer. Thanks, hope to see you in the mountains! Eddie
  2. Driving from Vancouver, BC to Joshua Tree, CA, with stops along the way in Seattle, Portland, Reno, Bishops, and Red Rocks. Leaving Sunday, December 7, plus or minus one day. Returning from Joshua Tree by way of San Francisco on December 23, plus or minus one day. Reliable car. Ample space for one more passenger on the way down, and help with the driving would be appreciated. On the way back, it's just one person so far, so could really use another person to help with the driving. Eddie
  3. Hey everyone, I'm coming down to the southern West Coast from Vancouver, BC on some time off in between jobs. I'm aiming to get down to Santa Cruz for the 4th and will have two weeks or so in which I'm hoping to get some climbing in and some surfing too. Alternatively, some friends of mine are going to Vantage, WA this coming weekend (April 5-7) so I could head there first and meet someone there or get dropped around Seattle on Sunday night to continue on my travels. I lead sport to 5.11a and just breaking into leading trad (no rack of my own yet). I have my own rope and gear for climbing sport which I may or may not bring down depending on what I've got arranged before I head off from Vancouver. Hoping to ride share for trips while I'm down there, but otherwise may end up taking the train/bus or renting a car... I'd love to hear about anyone heading on trips to climbing spots in California or even Red Rocks, NV between the 4th and the 20th of April, or if there are any surfers out there, to get some info on good breaks in April (are there any?). I spent a couple of days each in RR and JTree back in mid-February and was at Vantage two weeks ago and am looking forward to getting back out on some rock and enjoy some warm sunny days. Cheers, Eddie