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  1. All gear is well cared for and is in working condition. Local pickup in Redmond preferable.

    Contact me at sujaymadhok@gmail.com. Thanks !


    1.  K2 Super Stinx 167 cm Telemark Skis with Rottefella bindings- Used , no damage $80.

    2. Scarpa T 1 Telemark Boots US Mens 10 - Gently used ,all buckles intact. $60

    3. Atlas Snowshoes 30 MTN- Good condition, $ 40

    4. Snow Stakes set of 5 ( SMC and MSR)- Two 36 inches , Two 23 inches, One 27 inches, $40 for the bundle

    5. Black Diamond Ice axes (Raven) - Two ice axes $ 40 each

    6. Metolius Crash Pad (Stomp) - Great condition $100

    7. REI Flash 62 Backpack - $ 50 good condition but has a few abrasion marks and some small holes in the mesh sleeves








  2. 29 minutes ago, grandpa said:

    Thank you! I have not heard of this company. I just wrote to them to confirm, and then will place an order if it's the old style buckle. The way things are going, I must be the only guy out there that likes this buckle arrangement.

    Most welcome! Hope you find it.  Cheers!

  3. Hi I rapped down into a crevasse on the Coleman Glacier, day before yesterday and encountered near  impenetrable ice.

    Do let me know your opinion on :

    1. Does the density of ice vary in crevasses on the Coleman Glacier? ( A glaciologist I spoke with said it does, but there is no pattern. The deeper the crevasse, the denser the ice, lower down because of flow pressure, but there are many other factors...etc
    2. Do monopoints work better on bulletproof  crevasse ice? (I was wearing brand new Grivel G12's and they were barely making a dent!)

    I haven't found any answers on  crevasse ice density despite scouring the web and asking amongst  my ice climbing friends. 

    Many thanks !

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