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  1. Nice Job Matt! The topo is very smart looking! Looks like you and Evan had a fun time... maybe bring Evan's sawzall for future route cleaning?!
  2. Hi All, Lost a really beat up little silver digital Pentax camera attached to a black bail biner at Lava Point on Saturday September 20 I'm offering a $50 reward for the camera and memory card. If you found my camera and were planning to keep it (they don't make the charger for it anymore), I'll offer $20 to give me at least the memory chip back!!!! Thanks!!
  3. Hi Brian, Sorry not to reply sooner (been out in the field all week...aquatic biologist, leavenworth). I'd love to get out as much as possile this fall and really hope to take advantage of this late summer fabulous weather. I'm free sat, and sunday this weekend and would be happy to do a day of get-to-know-you cragging. Otherwise, I'm free next weekend as well.
  4. Hi! Looking for a partner for climbing this fall... trad, alpine, sport, I like all of it. Hoping to get practice on ice this winter too (new vipers!!). I lead 10a/b trad and sport and can follow harder. I have rack, rope, car, and a house in Leavenworth till November. Highlights of this season so far include: Angels Crest, Peasants Route, Exasperator at Squamish; Liberty Bell (NW), NEWS (NW) at WA pass; BBQ pope, Phoenix, etc at Smith; Angel Crack on Castle Rock, Outer Space, and other trad cragging in Leavenworth, etc. I'm 27F, I live in Seattle, have a flexible schedule (and no work Fridays!), I’m a good belayer and love adventure! PM if you want to climb too! Cragging Sunday? Audrey
  5. Hey what time is the raffle drawing?? Maybe we can save some plastic cups by having a raffle prize reserved for whoever brings the coolest beverage container?? oooooh, and maybe we can have another prize for the winner of a pullup contest? Does the rock bottom have a hang board? Maybe pushups instead?
  6. Hi All, Looking for a partner for Vertical World or Stone Gardens, once a week or more. 26F happy on 5.10s. Thanks!
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