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  1. Paradise to Muir, October 27th?

    actually its saturday ( i had the date wrong) so if you can come, meet us at whittakers outside of longmire around 6am.
  2. Paradise to Muir, October 27th?

    From mike Gauthier (Park Ranger that runs that blog posted in your links section) The road will be open all day/night this weekend. Mike
  3. Paradise to Muir, October 27th?

    Thats because it was snowing I believe. Here is the latest report The road is open to vehicle traffic 24/7, the gate at Longmire is open.
  4. Paradise to Muir, October 27th?

    Last time I checked it was still open, ill call the rangers station at paradise today. Tom
  5. Paradise to Muir, October 27th?

    Yeah the overall weather at Rainier is supposed to be pretty good, Mostly Sunny, Freezing level at 8000 feet. All subject to change for sure, but looks like it will be a good time. Hope to see some others out there. Tom
  6. Paradise to Muir, October 27th?

    Whenever you want to get in is fine with me. I am from the east coast, so I will probably be up and moving by about 3am pst. When is the best time to give you a call (in your time zone) Tom
  7. Paradise to Muir, October 27th?

    October 27th i meant, i changed my original post. I need to learn how to read, lol. Ill give you a call per our pm.
  8. Paradise to Muir, October 27th?

    Cool, im going to do it on saturday the 27th now ( i guess I should change the thread title) if you are able to go , send me a pm and i will give you my info. ill leave the snowboard at home if im going to have company on the mountain. Tom
  9. Paradise to Muir, October 27th?

    Actually it is the 27th since im only doing a day hike now.
  10. Paradise to Muir, October 27th?

    Want to make it 32 times? Dinner and Drinks are my treat when we get back down the same day. Same goes even if the weather doesnt hold up.
  11. Paradise to Muir, October 27th?

    Thanks for all the replies, I guess its basically a 50/50 shot, ive been doing some research and saw pictures of people skiing on the Muir Snowfield in october in perfectly clear weather. Im going to kick it back to a day trip, and bring my snowboard to get back down to the bottom. I have a compass, and gps, so navigationally speaking I should be ok, as long as i bring a topo map and the "get your bearings" map with me. Im ditching the crampons, since there will probably be too much snow on the ground to have them useful, ill keep my axe with just to help with self arresting in the event of a fall.
  12. Paradise to Muir, October 27th?

    Hi, I was recommended to this site from backpacker.com. I am coming in from the north east for a few days for a business conference, and wanted to take the paradise route up to Muir and camp out overnight on the 26th to 27th. I am a very experienced hiker, and moderate climber. Obviously I would have to rent Crampons and snowshoes from Whittaker, but would there be any other reasons I wouldnt take that route in october? I have good cold weather gear. Also if anyone wants to come with, id be happy to give them a lift from the seattle area.