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  1. Twin Sisters.....

    Thanks guys.... Hozameen Group, Hozameen Lake.. perhaps. I moved this over to the climbers section as per suggestion Someday.. I'll try to ask the artist himself, when I can figure out how to communicate with him... probably better not wait too long..
  2. Unidentified Peak(s)...

    I originally posted this in the newbies section, so I wouldn't waste space here... but it was suggested to post it here since it would get much more traffic. I appologize for this semi off topic. I have been attempting to identify the mt/peaks, and lake, in this painting scene... I was originally told at purchase this was of the Twin Sisters (antique store, probably clueless)... I wasn't convinced of this, and have been attempting to correctly identify for quite sometime (museums, art galleries).. I decided to try here since someone has probably climbed these peaks. I have very good reason to believe this group of peaks are in the Pacific NW. One poster responded that they appeared to be the Hozameen group.. this very well could be. Any additional opinions/responses would be very much appreciated. Again sorry for the OT & thanks
  3. Twin Sisters.....

    I appologize in advance for this off climbing topic question. I have an original oil painting of what I was told was the Twin Sisters. If this is indeed the case, does anyone know what lake in the painting this would be? I have inquired at numerous museums and art galleries, but have had no success... so I try this forum with hopes that someone has been at this lake... perhaps on the way to climbing Twin Sisters... Thanks for any info/responses