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  1. Rainier Rangers

    I did not know that thank you it will be helpful in the future it almost cost us too we didnt take a good tent and were the last to get a spot in the muir shelter, good thing too it was June 28th and we caught the winds(about 75 at cath gap and 60+ at muir) we were the only two to leave that night except rmi no one summited that day which was a good idea considering i have a pic of the mountain blanketed by a whiteout at sunrise when we were coming down from our aborted summit push
  2. Best breed for a not-huge mountain dog?

    I have a pitbull lab mix and she is the perfect outdoor dog a little smaller than a lab but stronger and better built because of the pit, and not that all pitbulls are vicious but breeding a smart low key dog with them makes quite an animal, she has fairly short hair, shorter than a labs and she is way smarter than a purebred pit would be. p.s. im sure u know already but pitbulls are terriers, which is why i replied to your thread.
  3. Another great move for the church

    So apparently helping thousands of starving children and devoting your life to the church isnt enough. The Catholic Church published Mother Teresa's letters in which she chronicles her crisis of lack of faith. so whats the big deal you say, oh only that is was her dying wish that they be destroyed. I know its not raping little boys but still.... p.s to all you catholics out there im not attacking your beliefs im just not agreeing with the churchs higher ups' actions.
  4. Another great move for the church

    oh they have destroyed enough evidence in the past for 10 enrons but i think they should have honored her dying wish considering all she did, thats all im sayin but you do make a good point
  5. Politics and climbing

    I dont think conservatives climb very much, I doubt they enjoy the constant reality checks that climbing brings, I think if Everest was in the US and conservatives had their way there would be a chair lift to the North Col.
  6. Peaks you can't do in a day

    Ok ill admit i was way off base about Lib Ridge but i dont really think a ski descent can be counted for a timed ascent i know you have to carry your skis but u can ski a snow slope it would take an hour to descend in about 5-10 mins if that, very nice on the home to home in <24hrs that you mentioned though that is impressive.
  7. Vick is a sick f*@k

    so where is the NAACP saying he was unjustly profiled for his race now, what they did was wrong for so many reasons but i thinke he should get the max sentance for killing those dogs before they even fought, only cuz they didnt perform well enough in the fight testing, considering that his cover was a legit kennel, is it really that hard to find owners for purebred pitbulls.
  8. Peaks you can't do in a day

    If you take into account non-standard routes wouldn't liberty ridge on rainier be pretty tough in a day, considering most people take about 2-3 days and then descend the DC anyway, maybe im crazy to think this but wouldn't that be pretty tough -Boley