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  1. Mentor for Rainier

    Alright, I signed up for a 5 day seminar on my adams. I am going to be driving there so my schedule is very flexible. In fact, I am making this thing a huge trip, and plan on staying out for a month or two. In this time I hope to climb Rainier and Several other peaks. Anyways, still looking for parnters, I ll be down with the class after July 20th so that may make you more comfortable! Thanks
  2. Please read the Yard Sale Rules No ebay links
  3. Mentor for Rainier

    After talking to tvashtarkatena, we think it may be best for me to ask for a Two-man team. I think this would ease pressure on both me, and my partners, while making the trip much safer. Thanks!
  4. Camalots to trade

    Returned your pm
  5. Camalots to trade

    I have 3 Size 1 U stem Camalots that are basically new, and I have 3 Size 1 Single stem camalots that are in great condition. What would you have in mind?