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  1. Garibaldi Lake

    Is it still frozen? Is the traverse still doable or desirable from S to N if it isn't? Thanks.
  2. The American Alpine Institute is currently accepting applications for the Equipment Manager position. Please visit the website and download the prospectus and application: AAI Employment
  3. American Alpine Institute Job Opening

    Sorry Bob, maybe you can apply next season!
  4. Looking for a good boot fitter

    Anybody know any do-it-yourself-at-home boot customizing tricks for "heel issues"? I've been placing small foam squares in the heel area of my shells the last few times I've been out and it seems to work okay, not great. Any suggestions?
  5. Wendy Thompson Hut

    I'm looking to spend 3-4 nights in the Wendy Thompson Hut with a couple of friends in mid-April. I've called the ACC reservation "hotline" but have not heard back about availability yet. Anyone know what my chances of getting in there that time of year are? I'm thinking of getting an ACC membership to extend my advance reservation period. Is it worth it?
  6. Wendy Thompson Hut

    Thanks for the beta, guys. Over two weeks now and no returned phone call...
  7. American Alpine Institute Job Opening

    Yes, the Equipment Specialist position comes in at approximately 20 hours a week. For more info, check out the prospectus via the link above.
  8. American Alpine Institute Job Opening

    Still looking... In addition to the Equipment Manager position, AAI is also taking applications for the Equipment Specialist positions.
  9. Climbing Film - The White Hell of Pitz Palu

    Check out The Holy Mountain Even better than Piz Palu, same director, also starring Riefenstahl. Bellinghammers can find it at Film Is Truth