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  1. It bothered me also dallas.
  2. Iain, The picture you posted labelled "Steps_Anchor": the steps to the rope are evident. Below the rope and under the next rock where the rope lies are those slide marks or footprints heading down the mountain? Where are the second set of prints going to the next rock? (I blew it up on my computer and some stuff gets clearer for me to see. I hope thats OK.) Also, how long would it take under the conditions that were on Mt Hood for the snow to cover the rope as it does in what appears to be the center part of the rope? I had my husband look at the blown up rope picture. He agrees that the position of the rope on the rock or the "Snap Back" of the rope could happen if there was weight on the rope when it was cut. Could you please comment? Thank you in advance. bestbuddy
  3. Bringing this forward for those who missed it: #620549 - Yesterday at 04:00 PM Re: MT Hood Continued [Re: ClimbingPanther] sean_beanntan sean_beanntan To answer a question. It seems that the climbers did summit because faint tracks were found near the summit plateau leading towards the Wyeast Route. Most likely they were not trying to descend down the Pearly Gates (as per news reports) but looking for the Cooper Spur route. They miscalculated (got lost) and descended too far SE to the Wyeast Route instead and dropped approx 350 ft. There they discovered their error, traversed East about 150ft and built a snow cave (big enough for 3) to await the next morning. The next day James remained in the cave, one or two? climbers traversed further East on very steep terrain towards the Cooper Spur crest. There they continued their decent another 100ft down the crest. They then chose to go further to skiers left beyond the crest where they established another smaller cave and the rap anchors on steep terrain. After that.... is a mystery that left behind one backpad pad, some pickets? and 2 technical axes in the cave. There is evidence that the rope was cut. Please appreciate the conditions that these climbers were facing. To error is human and maybe some were made that day. But its also likely that they fought long and hard to make it down. They operated for a time under extreme conditions and as a human being and as a climber I have to respect that.
  4. To sean_beanntan and all the other rescuers, Please be careful.
  5. Please be safe. We are praying for you.
  6. Hello. I found the following post on another forum and thought you might be interested in reading it. I hope you don't think I'm silly for putting this here but I know first hand how some simple information never makes it to the most important people. I am not a climber. I'm just a person praying all of you stay safe. -------------- Patti McInroe Says: December 18th I was up on mt. hood snowshoeing yesterday (sunday). We were in a clearing and had a perfect view of the South side of the mt. hood. We were watching all of the helicopter activity searching for the climbers and all of the sudden I saw a flash that looked like a shiny mirror reflection…like a mirror calling for HELP. It came from about half way down the mountain and right in the middle. I hope they look on the south side. They could be stuck and unable to walk. I thought about it all night and hope this info can be passed on. Very concerned! Patti here's the link: http://thehendricksreport.wordpress.com/2006/12/18/the-adventurist-makes-contact-with-mt-hood-sheriffs-department-after-tip-left-on-site/
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