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  1. MT Hood Continued

    I for one salute all climbers and the brave SAR team for their efforts. It is truely inspirational to know that when in need others will risk their lives without a second guess. Extraordinary!!
  2. MT Hood Continued

    michael_layton- I love your FSM logo! Yar!!!
  3. MT Hood Continued

    I consider myself a backpacker and have bp'd 14ers in CO but I have no experience in mountaineering on this scale. What is standard proceedure when faced with a situation similar to this. I know that digging a snow cave is essential but does one stay there or get out after weather clears or what? I know some of the more experienced climbers on this forum can give some advise. I guess my instinct would be to stay until weather clears and then try to get lower to avoid storms and such. I imagine that you wouldn't know whether or not a search party is going to come for you. Is this correct? I've toyed with the idea of doing some winter backpacking but feel that I'm too inexperienced to do it.
  4. 3 Lost on Mount Hood

    I truly hope for the best for the remaining 2 climbers. My thoughts go out to the family who lost their loved one.