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  1. MT Hood Continued

    Probably a few positive vibes in his direction today is in order.
  2. MT Hood Continued

    I think the Sheriff is hesitant to call an end to a rescue without meeting with all the teams. He's going to do that now. It sounded to me that an avalanch team MAY get on the mountain in the area below the last known position if its safe. The safe part is still to be determined. In my view, someone needs to convince him still if its worth the risk even though he has good weather. He seemslike an easy going, level headed guy, doing a great job, and I am glad I am not in his shoes.
  3. 3 Lost on Mount Hood

    Everything I know about climbing I learned this week, mostly on this board. We know close friends of the James family so our attention and feelings of helplessness may have been higher than most. Today we're trying to figure out how to help our friends. But, my heart goes out to the other families. Sitting there, feeling the reality of one climber's end and knowing their boys are still up there somewhere. So I am wishing, hoping, praying, and "sending good vibes" that they too will know their loved ones situation today. Please dont let this go another day....for them. All of our positive energy to the SAR teams to get through the loss of one climber and go find the rest. Be safe.
  4. 3 Lost on Mount Hood

    A fine, useful technical/equipment point. That would mean they went up and over instead of retracing their steps right?