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  1. 3 Lost on Mount Hood

    hey i would hate to see this disscussion digress into a contest about which SAR teams are the greatest. lets just remember that its just like highschool to be worried about stuff like that. park 7- i agree with the greater part of what you said but saying that 'PJ's generally end up doing the work anyway' is offensive to alot of the non military types who do so much in these situations. Pararescue men are beyond a doubt some of the best trained SAR teams in the world. i would want them on my mountain if i were hunkered down in a cave but that doesnt mean that a civilian climber, who climbs every available day of their waking life, wont be more experienced in a certain discipline. That PJ can save you in any terrain in the world, in combat or in peace, in water or on land. If your boat tamks in high sees that climber wil be watching on tv and the PJ will be in the water pulling you out dead or alive, but if your in a snow cave at 11 thsnd feet that climber might be the lead and the pj might yeild to his/her greater knowledge. that said alpine fox also over stated things by saying, "Military rescue teams are not trained in technical climbing and need the assistance of people with that expertise to transport injured climbers to less difficult terrain. Also, many rescues are effected without air support." Pjs spend their life training for these situations and some of them in the 304th are very well trained in mountain rescue and technical climbing. that doesnt mean that every PJ is a mountain expert and that doesnt mean that the best trained PJ is as knowledgable as the best trained civilian. they dont "need" the help of civilians to retrieve the survivior but that doenst mean that someone else on the mountain wouldnt be better suited for the job. trust me if a PJ is the only person around and youre in a cave on a 65 degree face, he'll get you out of there safely. hey mtn boy- you said "The PJ's used to be based at PDX with their rescue helo's. They are great, but their full time job takes them over seas alot and they are not always available. I which our senators and congressment could get them re-based in the area." the 304th is still in portland at the PANG base and the unit will be there for some time. generally speaking the guys doing this work are co-operative and see one another as brothers and sisters in common cause. its usually the people on the periphery that do the jawing. so lets keep it civil and remeber that all of these men and women are incredibly dedicated, and talented people and they reperesent one of mans best qualities; the desire to take care of one another in times of need. peace love and gap
  2. 3 Lost on Mount Hood

    hey heres a link for info about the "horseshoe" shape and the "positive" finding form Portland. http://www.oregonlive.com/newslogs/oregonian/index.ssf?/mtlogs/olive_oregonian_news/archives/2006_12.html#216509