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  1. best of cc.com Mt. Hood events speculation

    Oops sorry, missed that Lambone. The tent was in an area above Paradise in the the big area that cleared off with the melt-off. Sent the tent scraps to Black Diamond to get an approximate age, just for shits and grins, and they said it was a 12-15 year old model, but that means absolutely nothing about anything. Not sure where the axe was, somewhere above the lift since that was my main jump-off point. Stuff started turning up, climbing stuff with that melt-off. Also a USGS glaciologist found some cool stuff too as I recall. OK, back to work for me.
  2. best of cc.com Mt. Hood events speculation

    We thought we would find a bunch of the lost bodies two summers ago when we had the biggest thaw, but there weren't many finds. Everytime I hauled off discarded, full, blue bags I was thinking I'd find something bigger in newly exposed areas. With the exception of an old collapsed/shredded Bibler tent and an old axe, I found nuthin'
  3. best of cc.com Mt. Hood events speculation

    That's what I thought... thanks
  4. best of cc.com Mt. Hood events speculation

    Good Job! This was probably needed a while ago... A question for anyone out there, I already asked it but didn't get (or didn't see) a response. Does anyone know how much experience any of the three guys had specifically on Hood? Ciao
  5. MT Hood Continued

    I did a bit of searching in the times I haven't been on here as one of my two identities and couldn't find an answer to my question, so sorry if it has already been answered... And not that this makes a difference, but I was just curious, again nothing is being insinuated! I am wondering how much time any of them had on Hood? Thanks...
  6. MT Hood Continued

    Actually, I think the sheriff said it "looked" like it had been cut by a knife. He didn't know for sure.
  7. MT Hood Continued

    It's off its rocker.
  8. 3 Lost on Mount Hood

    I might be wrong, but didn't I see something about a 2:00 pm press conference today?
  9. 3 Lost on Mount Hood

    Clavote speaks wisely and from experience. I concur!
  10. 3 Lost on Mount Hood

    mcmedved, No worries, been dealing with this exact topic and the general climbing public for a couple of decades now. And frankly, I agree with you, unfortunately what we/I am seeing more often (and it doesn't necessarily apply to the three we are discussing) are the people who have the best gear, some experience, some a LOT of experience, but just not quite prepared for Mt. Hood in the winter. And it's amazing how many climbers begin a climb when there is a storm predicted. There is some thought that an impending storm attracts some people - based on numbers of climbers who sign the register - and not all do. But I agree with you - if you are prepared, vigilant and the conditions permit for a winter climb... Climb on! (and by the way, those people I try to convince out of climbing who end up being rescued - I never tell them "I told you so." because I see a lesson learned without the scolding - and I see myself in them too!)
  11. 3 Lost on Mount Hood

    mcmedved, the winter climbing numbers are far fewer on the mtn than the rest of the year too
  12. 3 Lost on Mount Hood

    Not saying people don't climb it, but either as my role as climbing ranger in the past, or wilderness ranger, or climber it was not a recommended time to climb Mt. Hood. But plenty of people do it, myself included, but we took bigger risks and I had/have plenty of climbing partners who won't go on it in the winter. And it makes sense, not that I have always followed the path of good sense!
  13. 3 Lost on Mount Hood

    Texan, Actually, one of the traits which circumvents a GCS score is a repetitive motion combined with habit. And in some tests, cell phones were precisely the activities which were able to be completed when a person's GCS score was low. Think about it, how often do you dial a frequently called cell number, or speed dial. You need the lowest amount of thinking, hand-eye coordination and motor skills to complete the action. But good way to bring up the topic.
  14. 3 Lost on Mount Hood

    climberwanttobe, That's why Mt. Hood is not a safe place to climb in the winter. The weather is almost guaranteed to be wet, cold, windy, and predictably unpredictable. Guaranteed. A cell phone, sat phone, or radio will work, but no one can get to you. Modern technology sometimes makes us seem closer than we really are, sometimes that's good and sometimes it's not so good.
  15. 3 Lost on Mount Hood

    "questions" should be "situations"