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  1. 3 Lost on Mount Hood

    I know the links - we get all these live streams, videos and news. Thx. a lot. But as I mentioned above - we are part of Brians Family in Germany - and even though my English isn't so bad, I can't comprehend all the explanations in the newsconferences first hearing them. Therefore I appreciate it, but I don't want to make this another never ending discussion. I am glad that this thread get back focused on the important issues around this rescue operation. Please forget it and don't discuss longer - It's ok, it was just a short request. Naturally I respect and understand the rules of this Board as mentioned above from the moderator. Regards Carmen
  2. 3 Lost on Mount Hood

    Hey gapertimmy, Lambone and all the others, do you really find the transcription bothering? As I mentioned above, I am very grateful for that to comprehend better. I know, there are a lot of "strangers" (non climbers) like me, just picking up informations and sometimes asking questions about the rescue. I am aware that this isn't the function this thread is for. But it is a great help, therefore I beg for a little more patience ;-) Thx. C.
  3. 3 Lost on Mount Hood

    Dear jfmctlaw, I am deeply grateful for the transcription of the newsconference. Brian Hall has relatives in germany - he is our cousin - and even though my English isn't so bad, I can't understand and comprehend all the explanations first hearing them. Therefore this is a great help and it would be very nice if you can continue (I don't think this is really bothering, or is it?). Again thank you all for the omnibus information!!! This helps to understand and not to abandon hope. We are mourning with the James family. May he stay now on the highest ground, he ever wishes to be and may god be with him. There was so much hope ... and still we are praying for the return of Brian and his friend. Carmen
  4. 3 Lost on Mount Hood

    Hi, I just want to say thank you for the information we get from your board and pass our love and support to the Hall family (Brians mum and my mum are sisters). We are relatives from Germany (nearby Darmstadt / Frankfurt) and stick the whole time to the computer to hear (and hope for good) news. It is good to learn more details about climbing to understand what is happening. We hope and pray, that Brian and his friends will return soon and in good condition. We send our love, hope and support to the families at Mt. Hood and thank the rerscue team for their great effort. Regards, Carmen