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    A Heartfelt Thank You from Dallas: Thank you so much for the kind and wonderful postings you have made on this blog in the past several days. As one member noted, others are reading your blog, and finding a lot of comfort in your expert opinions and hopeful words. Friends of Brian Hall have set up a fund for the benefit of the rescue teams helping to find Brian, Kelly and Nikko. These funds will be used to replenish funds used for this rescue as well as future rescues, and will serve as a token of our appreciation for those giving their time, expertise, bravery and energy to searches on Mt. Hood. It would be sincerely appreciated if you could please help us get this message out to others in your community. Donations may be made to: Mount Hood Rescue 2006 Dallas National Bank 2725 Turtle Creek Blvd Dallas, TX 75219 Ivona Rogers 214.224.7370 www.DallasNationalBank.com Thanks again for helping us get Brian, Kelly and Nikko home.