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  1. I live on Mt. Baker, close to Bellingham. I am wondering if there are any places within driving distance, that I can get some old Tech Friends reslung. Any ideas? Thank you, Chad
  2. Just moved to the northwest (Bellingham)

    Al, good to see another newbie. I too just moved here to Bellingham. I gained all my technical sport, and trad skills from years spent in West Virginia's NRG, and Kentucky's RRG. I have only one multipitch under my belt, and unfortunately it was an epic in North Carolina. I am relatively new at mountaineering, and would love to get into more in depth. I have gear, and am always looking for any excuse to get into the mountains.
  3. Hwy 542 washed out

    Being new to the area, I am not quite sure where they are. I hope they are good looking though. My Cascade Climbers book is on the other side of the nooksack......I'll google your post and see what I find. Thanks
  4. New to Bellingham

    Howdy Cascadeclimbers.com. I'm NEW! How fantastic is this...you all may be thinking: oh boy another self proclaimed mountaineer without any idea of the severe consequences associated with the mountain lifestyle. Ie avalanches, weather, etc etc. I am hear to tell you elitists that fear not, I bow down to your knowledge and am only a subhuman when compared to you and your years of learning all that is the outdoors. So as I come to a moment of posting silence, so to speak, I want to thank you all....now let's catch up and do some backcountry snowboarding who's in???
  5. Hwy 542 washed out

    Yeh, this sucks. The only two days of sunshine, and the baker Highway is closed. I was really planning on doing some hiking out in that area. I'm currently stuck on the Bellingham side of the shuksan patiently waiting for dot to fix the bridge around marker 36? Keep me updated will ya guys. -Chad
  6. Ragin' Sky

    Hang in there buddy! It just so happens that, the only 2 days of sunshine we've had in the last 10, the road into Baker has been closed. By the time I am able to get out there it's going to be snowing an inch an hour. Which, I guess aint a bad thing either I'll just get out the snowboard.
  7. Baker Highway Climbing

    Darn, I'm kind of bumming. That rock, at least from a distance, looked incredible. Ah well. I guess there's a reason I couldn't find any information on it.
  8. Ragin' Sky

    Damn. I know they shut down the Baker Highway(542) because of the bridges being washed over...I am still waiting for them to open the road to baker up. I'm stuck in Bellingham for now.
  9. Baker Highway Climbing

    Hmmm...I find it so incredibly hard to believe that the huge chunk of granite doesn't hold some great multipitch routes!? I appreciate your reply, looks like I will have to go check it out for myself. Everything adds up that it would be good: tall granite; short approach; beautiful setting.... Dberdinka, good call on the topo maps having the names mixed up. I have tried to find a picture of granite mountain to verify what I am seeing but have yet to come up with it.
  10. Baker Highway Climbing

    Mt Baker highway has some climbing at a place called "the baker crags" which is primarily single pitch routes hence being named a crag. I have found a very large piece of granite...which is located at the end of the Hannegan Pass Parking lot. This extremely large, mini-squamish like rock mountain must have a name. I have come to the conclusion it may be called Mamie peak? Anyhow, anyone who could clear this up for me, I say in advance thank you. Also if you know if anywhere to gather information on route beta etc etc that would be great too. Until then, I'm going to go check it out for myself on foot, and by my binoculars.