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  1. Climbing Magazine Collection

    I have amassed a huge collection of Climbing magazines (probably around 120-140 or so) dating back to the early 90's. It's not a 100% complete collection, but all of the magazines are in great shape. Don't have room to store these anymore. They need a new home. Make me an offer if interested. Do I hear $100? Email: photo.matthew@gmail.com
  2. Intuition Ski Boot Liners Size 12

    Selling a pair of unused intuition liners (size 12). They were molded to my ski boots once, but they never quite fit my particular tele-boots. They can easily be baked and remolded at a ski shop. $80 OBO. Email: photo.matthew@gmail.com
  3. Denali Stuff

    Selling some essential Denali items. "40 Below" Overboots (excellent condition), Valandre down booties (excellent condition), and and older pair of BD Overmitts (Good condition). These are all sized to fit a bloke with US size 11-12 plastic boots and glove size XL hands. $100 and the pile is yours. This stuff could easily run you over $300 new and each of these items is 100% as functional. Email me as I do not check PM's photo.matthew@gmail.com
  4. FS: Feathered Friends Eider (-25F)

    This bag has been on 3 expeditions. It's been professional laundered at Feathered Friends after each trip. Stored hanging. Epic fabric. Great Denali bag. Asking $290. Email me please, no PM's. photo.matthew@gmail.comjavascript:void(0)
  5. Wild Things Andinista

    What's up Kurt? Not quite, just slimming down the storage pile. I've got more packs than you could shake a stick at. This pack is quite the specialist and I just don't anticipate needing that often. Plus, I'm in Europe at the moment and extra pocket cash wouldn't hurt, if ya know what I mean.
  6. Wild Things Andinista

    The lucky winner of this yard sale purchase inherits my excellent condition Wild Things Andinista. Torso size medium. (I'm 5'11'' and it fits me fine). No holes, abrasions, defects, nada. The pack went on one big trip last year, but was never hauled over rock or anything. The plastic hip belt buckle needs replacing (you can get them at REI for $1). Gray with black bottom portion, black straps. See link: http://www.wildthingsgear.com/andinista.html for details. Asking $225 or best offer. (Pack retails for $360. I'll pay shipping within the lower 48 states of the good old USA. Email me to talk business (photo.matthew@gmail.com) I never check cc.com PMs. Thanks! image: http://www.cascadeclimbers.com/plab/showphoto.php?photo=26375&cat=516
  7. Feathered Friends -25 Eider

    Great Denali and AK climbing Bag. This is the -25 Eider from Feathered Friends. Purchased in 2005 (when the Eider was made as a -25). It has been lovingly cared for. Washed at Feathered Friends after each of it's 4 expedition uses. The bag is filled with FF 800+ fill goose down, and shelled in Epic fabric for superior breathability and water repellentness. It has a removable draft collar and shiftable baffles (see featheredfriends.com for details). Comes with cotton storage sack. I'll pay UPS shipping to lower 48 states, USA. Asking $400 obo. email me: photo.matthew@gmail.com (I never check PMs on cc.com).
  8. Selling my excellent condition Feathered Friends Eider -25F sleeping bag with Epic fabric. The bag is a size "Regular" and fits me great (I'm 5'11"). There are no funky smells, stains, etc. The bag was professionally washed at Feathered Friends in Seattle after each serious use. Comes with a water tight dry bag and a cotton storage sack. The color is light blue with purplish interior. See photo link below. $480 (USD) Or best offer. Email me (I never check PM's) photo.matthew@gmail.com http://matthewandersonphoto.com/Gallery/album03/MMA4116
  9. Wild Things Andinista

    I'm selling a "nearly new" grey and black Wild Things Andinista (size M) because I just don't forsee getting much use out of it. The pack went on one big trip, but since there was not much in the way of rock on that climb it didn't suffer any abuse. The MSRP on these packs is $360, but I will part with her for $260. Please email me at: photo.matthew@gmail.com (I don't ever check PM's on CC.com). Photos can be found at the link below. http://matthewandersonphoto.com/Gallery/album02[/img]

    FOR SALE: one size XL LL Bean 650 fill-power down hooded dryloft parka. Perfect for Denali or simillar expeditions. I will make a very reasonable deal to liquidate this parka. Asking $200 obo. Send me an email if interested: photo.matthew@gmail.com.

    ok, it's official. I'm a web dunce.

    Oops, that was supposed to go into the yardsale. Sorry dudes!

    Calling all bro-brahs who may be looking for a size XL down parka to take up Denali this season. I've got the basement bargain you're looking for. This is an L.L. Bean Dryloft 650 fill power hooded down parka. Believe me, it's roasty toasty and will keep you cozy on those ridiculously cold May Denali trips, wacky Himalayan adventures, or during any other sub-freezing cold weather tom-foolery. $200 or best offer. Send me an email: photo.matthew@gmail.com. I've got a photo I can email you. I'm in Seattle near UW.
  14. Avalanche Course?

    AIARE. Quickly becoming the American standard in recognized avalanche training.
  15. Figure 8 hazards

    Ken4ord hit it on the head. If it were 1975 then it would be ok to belay with a figure 8. Sorry, but there are a plethora of highly functional lightweight belay/rappel devices out there that belay and rappel better than any figure 8. At the same time some, such as the petzl reverso and BD Guide ATC allow you to belay two following climbers at once, etc. etc. etc. There's just no good reason to be using one of those clunky old buggers...