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  1. I really like how Lowa's fit. I got lucky with my first pair- a rental set that the store sold to me for 25 dollas because the inner boot looked like frankenstein on crack. I got a new pair a year ago, and am a happy camper. I bought them a bit large, so I could put a pair of cork insoles inside in addition to two pairs of socks plus the liners. They were a bit expensive but will last me a long time.
  2. Depending on when the last snow fell, you should be able to climb up to the top of Palmer without using snowshoes. Just to the right of the lodge you should find a snowcat trail that leads up to Silcox hut. From there I usually head left till i reach the ski lifts. There is usually another cat trail there that is nice and compacted all the way up to Palmer. From palmer to 9500 heading towards the pearly gates there are several ridges which usually afford cramponing or less postholing. Heading towards illumination rock might entail some deep snow as you will need to cross the glacier.
  3. Right on, im checking into lost lake. Also, up by the white GF on the north side of great falls there are a few overhangs which might be fun for bouldering. Thanks knotty
  4. Just wondering if anybody out there knows of climbing areas close to great falls. thanks for any beta
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