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  1. Mount Rainier - Disappointment Cleaver 6/17/08

    Thanks for the feedback AOC!
  2. Mount Rainier - Disappointment Cleaver 6/17/08

    Radon Dude, your memory sucks - a one day successful summit attempt in 1990, then I met you and it was all downhill from there - punt intended ) Bug, without a lot of experience, I found the route "easy" and the conditions great - other than the windy conditions up high. Only postholing was from the parking lot to Muir, I would recommend poles but snow shoes are not necesssary. Cheers, Hans
  3. Attempted DC route Tuesday morning, left Camp Muir 12:30am. Route seemed in good condition and everything went smoothly until about 12500ft. Several parties came back with reports of getting to about 13500ft where strong winds turned them back. We made the same desision at about 13500ft. Tuff to do with a strong party and on a sunny day, zero clouds above the lower cloud cover (guessing around 8000ft or so). Would be nice to hear fedback from other parties on that route Tueday morning, with their estimate of conditions, if they pushed successfully to the summit, did the winds die down later (we were considering waiting it out a little),etc. Trying to learn as much as possible from a fantastic day on the mountain. Lastly, is there information online on parties attempting on a given day etc. - any links appreciated. Thanks!