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  1. Wow thanks Megan, these are nice photos and a sweet story. I like the picture of the kids clinging to Fred's arms... AWWW!! I've been contemplating an India trip and your photos are inspiring.
  2. I'm looking for people to climb with in general (my available days are Mon - Wed.) I've had 6 or 7 years of experience with essentially one partner who I'm not really climbing with anymore. I know a few other people but a few more would be great. I'm mostly interested in sport climbing, but I like trad and alpine too. I live in Seattle, am a woman (though I don't care if you're male or female), mid 30's (your age doesn't matter to me), not much of a leader but wanting to expand there (can lead 5.7 and probably 8, if I don't chicken out), following skills max out around 10b w/ the occasional c. Particularly enjoy: City of Rocks, Red Rocks, Frenchman Coulee (Vantage), Leavenworth, Darrington, Static Pt. I'm easy to get along, a solid belayer, I don't smoke, have a reliable vehicle... Anyhow... just puttin' this out there because I really miss climbing! Thanks for reading!
  3. General Climbing Partner

    I'd be down for Leavenworth sometime, and/or Vantage if that's of interest to you too. Is midweek ok for you?
  4. General Climbing Partner

    No... tis not I.
  5. 2 old forged friends and 1 old TCU, lost at Mark's wall, The Cave area, I think. Please PM me if you found. Thanks.