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  1. I have five valid blank Rainier climbing passes. Cost $43 each; yours for $30. Had to buy for whole party in order to get reservations, but by climb day, five already had passes. This is perfectly legit and legal. We are not cheating Woodsy Owl. Passes are transferrable until signed. Contact Cebe Wallace at cebe.wallace@gmail.com and I'll mail the pass(es) to you.
  2. Cassin Ridge: The Journey/Tools/Techniques Thurs, Feb 10, 7 pm, Mountaineers Seattle Program Center, 7700 Sand Point Way NE Seattle. No registration necessary. No fee. Members and non-members welcome. Join us for an evening of photos, inspiration and education. Local climber Jason Wheeler presents his journey up Denali’s Cassin Ridge, nearly 50 hours and 2 vertical miles of technical climbing. He will also give an in-depth look into the techniques and tools needed to climb Alpine Routes on big mountains. Alpine-style climbing techniques, local test-piece mountains, personal preparedness, and a discussion on proper equipment choices will all be included in this presentation. If you have an interest in pushing your climbing into the world of “light and fast”, this is the perfect opportunity to learn from someone who has been there, and developed the skills necessary for success in Pacific NW Mountains. Share ideas and learn how to incorporate big-mountain techniques into your next climbing objective. Born in Portland Oregon, Jason has climbed and guided extensively in Alaska, Peru, Argentina, Chile, Western US and Canada, and currently guides world-wide for KAF Adventures, a Kirkland, WA based company.
  3. Safe Travel at High Altitude: Thurs, Jan 27 , The Mountaineers Magnuson Program Center, 7 pm. No Fee. Members and non-members welcome. Got plans to climb at high altitude? Not sure how you or your partners will tolerate high elevation? Then come hear this talk from local physician Andy Luks and learn all about important issues that can affect any trip to altitudes above 8,000 feet. Dr. Luks has conducted four field research studies, including two in the Alps. In 2003 he was physician in residence at the Himalayan Rescue Association station in the Khumbu region of Nepal, on the approach to Mt. Everest. In 2007, Dr. Luks was head of a medical mission in Ladakh India. This past year, he summited Denali as part of his medical work on a ranger patrol on the mountain. Altitude illness is serious business, and the best defense is knowledge. Come get it from an expert, and along the way see some great photos of amazing places.
  4. Travel Medicine: Thurs, Jan 13, 7:00 - The Mountaineers Magnuson Program Center. No fee. Registration not required. Open to club members and non-members. What do I do if I get bit by a monkey? What the heck is Chikungunya fever? Do I need malaria prophylaxis in Honduras? If you have ever pondered these travel questions and more, come to an update on travel medicine by Anne Terry, ARNP. Good information for all travelers, this seminar is especially recommended for anyone considering expeditions to remote locales. Anne is a certified travel provider by the International Society of Travel Medicine (ISTM) and has been to 6 of the 7 continents as an avid traveler and a medical volunteer. She is currently on staff at the University of Washington's Travel Clinic at Hall Health Center. Anne has been a Seattle Mountaineer since 1993 and is a 2000 graduate of the Basic Climbing Course.
  5. Wilderness China. Tues, Jan 11, 7 pm, at The Mountaineers Magnuson Park Program Center. No registration necessary. No fee. Members and non-members welcome. Come learn about a region of the world often hidden in mystery. See images and video of awe-inspiring wild places, unique natural history and irresistible food. Szu-ting Yi is a student of Chinese history (and of computer science) and also a climbing guide and owner of LittlePo Advenurers Travel. Dave Anderson is a professional photographer and mountain guide. In 2006, he received the Shipton Tilman Award to explore the rarely visited Genyen region. Join them as they explore the rugged sandstone cliffs of the Dragon Cave in Taiwan, sport climb on the Karst limestone of Yangshuo (Imagine climbing the vertical cliffs of a classical Chinese scroll painting) observe young Pandas wrestling outside of Chengdu, float down the Li river on a bamboo raft and trek into "Oriental Alps" of Western Sichuan, including first ascents of peaks in the rugged Genyen Mountains.
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