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  1. Is that guy looking for worms...?


    So instead of using that tree and pole as simulated anchors, I guess you're hard core if you actually punch holes into your lawn with a picket.


    Oh yeah - whenever you're climbing on a glacier, DON'T FORGET YOUR BELAY GLOVES!


    Come on, Figger 8. You can come up with better inane and pointless criticism than this.


    Do it. We know you can.


    Make your mamma proud.

  2. To the tall, wiry, challenged looking fellow at the REI Pinnacle whose pitiful excuse for a brain can't perform two computations at once:


    I patiently waited for you to take 15 minutes to belay one climber. I then patiently waited for you to fill out some form, fold it into perfect 90 degree angles, ensuring that no corner was creased improperly, and place it neatly in a pile in a right angle to the register. I then watched you adjust your shirt and wipe the dog hair off your pants. The whole while, you never even acknowledged my presence, you never said, "I'll be with you in a moment", you didn't even look at me, even though my chalk bag was in plain sight hanging from a belt on the red shorts over my blue tights. Then some lady walks up out of nowhere and asks if you'll belay her and you oblige, oblivious to the fact that there's someone else who's been waiting for 15 minutes - patiently - to be served.. When I inform you that I was there, waiting patiently, for 15 minutes, you get snippy and tell me to walk over to the sign in if I want to be helped. Listen fucktard, how about I shove this chalk bag up your ass? Part of your simpleton job is to recognize who is standing in line. If a customer wants to ask you a question about climbing the Pinnacle, you can do your job and walk over to me where I've been patiently waiting (for 15 minutes - in the exact place where the customer you just belayed was standing). I didn't see you ask the guy you were belaying to walk over to the register to ask his silly questions about different kinds of chalk, and will it work for his annual climb up da Toof.


    Furthermore, your job is not rocket science. You have a handful of functions you perform in your daily routine, none of them requiring more than two brain cells to execute. I'd like to think that I can at least expect you to perform two of those functions at once.


    You screw up a simple part of your job, then you want to get loud and make me look like a jerk for calling you on it?


    And to the guy with the rainbow pants and ugly mutt of a girlfriend who snickered at me for getting loud ... mind your own business, assclown.


    Thank you for allowing passive-aggressive superhero to post.


  3. To avoid this error, it is a very good idea to clearly mark the middle of your rope with a dye especially made for that purpose, or buy a rope that is pre-marked.


    [Rant mode ON]




    Mammut sells ropes with THREE middle marks. One in the middle and the other two about 20 ft from each end. The marks are IDENTICAL - two bands of black dye.


    Stupid, Stupid, Stupid!


    It's impossible to tell the ends from the middle without flaking out the entire rope! A middle mark is at the anchor, but is it the middle or near the end? They could have easily made the middle two bands of dye and the ends one band. WHAT WERE THEY THINKING!?!


    [Rant mode OFF]


    No, really. wazzup.gif