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  1. sounds like a booming success.


    As marchers headed toward the Federal Building downtown, one person was arrested for investigation of unlawful possession of a firearm after being seen with a rifle wrapped in a blanket.


    Ghandi would approve? confused.gif

  2. And there are plenty of other crises around the world that *you* are currently ignoring, including the dying homeless on the streets of Seattle.


    Continue to stroke yourself in smug, self-righteous satisfaction.

  3. Tomorrow, on October 5th, tens of thousands of people from over 190 cities and towns across the country (and counting) will be pouring out of their homes, jobs and schools to make a statement that cannot be be ignored: *This regime does not represent us and we will not stop until we drive it out!


    Let's do the math.


    Ten's of thousands of people = Say 20,000


    From over 190 cities and towns = Say 200


    20,000 / 200 = 100 people per city.


    I think it will be pretty easy to ignore 100 folks 'pouring' out of their homes, jobs, and schools in Seattle.



  4. Another thing I wonder about is what will become of the carpet over foam at Cascade Crags? Will they rip it out and go back to gravel? I rather like the carpet, as it makes for a clean environment. It's good for top roping, but it sucks for bouldering. I dislike dragging crash pads around.


    VW Seattle recently replaced the gravel with foam in the bouldering area, so probably not.

  5. Not to mention gri-gri's are not 100% failsafe - even in the manual Petzl tells you to pay attention and keep your hands on the rope. It's surprising how many people ignore that.


    Watched a girl go splat while being lowered last night at VW. Her partner couldn't really come up with a good excuse.